Special Events



Every year we spend the holidays together as a new family. Like most families, these times are more about being together than the food we eat. At Christmas we rent a house for a few days and have a good old-fashioned family Christmas. This is an enormously meaningful time for our family. To help support the Christmas trip click the link below.


Life Events


In sickness and in health, we're there for each other. We celebrate birthdays, weddings, births and other life events as a family at Carpenter's. We even go to each others funerals. As a people often estranged from biological family, our church family is sometimes all we have by our side as we go through these experiences.



One of our favorite things to do is go on trips together. We've gone on hikes in Palo Duro Canyon, been camping in the Guadalupe Mountains, watched movies at the Science Spectrum, spent the day at Buffalo Springs Lake, played Frisbee golf at Mackenzie Park and much more! These are great community and passion building experiences.